STAR WARS - Episode VII : MMS322 First Order Snowtrooper Officer Actionfigur SIDESHOW 1:6 (L)

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MMS322 First Order Snowtrooper Officer Actionfigur, mit Zubehör



After the reveal of the astonishing sixth scale collectible figures of the mysterious Kylo Ren and First Order Stormtroopers,

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are pleased to continue to bring fans more highly detailed collectibles based on the latest installment of the Star Wars saga and officially introduce the new First Order Snowtrooper Officer sixth scale collectible figure from Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

The latest generation of Snowtrooper is equipped with completely redesigned advanced insulated armor and helmets that can reduce the glare of icy terrain when carrying out the First Order’s missions in extreme climate.

The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of First Order Snowtrooper Officer in Star Wars: The Force Awakens which features the newly designed Snowtrooper helmet and armor, a finely sculpted backpack, meticulously tailored coat and under-suit, the red pauldron that indicates the rank of officer, detailed blaster rifle with extended stock, a pair of articulated binoculars, and a specially designed hexagonal figure stand with the First Order’s emblem!

Your Snowtrooper army will not be complete without an officer in charge.


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Hersteller: Sideshow

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